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Posted by on Apr 21, 2014

Smarter Social Media

Optimizing business relationships.

Smarter Social Media

Social Media Targeting

Social Media is not a stand-alone activity. Successful companies link it to a Customer-Driven, Marketing Strategy.

Key marketing alignment steps:

1. Ready – Think about your audience and ensure that that the tool you are about to use is one that matters to them and is utilized frequently. Facebook is great for consumer products and audiences, but Linkedin may be better for Business to Businesss solutions.

2. Aim     – Make sure your content is succint (140 characters, Twitter) and on point (SEO/key word -wise), for varying types of media and audiences.

3. Fire – Timing is critical. Make sure your value proposition is timely to your clients’ buying cycle. No one wants to get an invitation to a product webinar for a product that they already own or corporate event that they are already registered to attend.


Social Media that isn’t predicated upon a well thought marketing strategy is subject to many mis-fires and lost opportunity costs. Social Media tools, options, and effectiveness vary according to different audiences and if you think that your organization is “guessing,” it’s time to upskill or outsource your marketing.

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