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Our Community

Strategic Growth and Innovation Leaders.


Target Audience

These strategic leaders are organizational change agents who pro-actively explore, recommend, purchase, and use market intelligence, business analytics, project management, marketing, and technology to improve customer and employee engagement and drive bigger and better business results.

Target Community

is enterprise-wide

Cross-Functional Enterprise Collaboration







and essentially centers upon leaders who are responsible for designing and delivering revenue growth and productivity strategies that measurably improve customer, employee, and shareholder value.

Their titles include but are not limited to:

Chief Customer Officers

Chief Marketing Officers

Chief Knowledge Management Officers

Chief Information Officers

Chief Innovation Officers

Chief Customer Experience Officers

Chief Strategy Officers

Chief Marketing Technologists

Chief Digital Officers

Head of Human Capital

Head of Enterprise Project Management

Heads of Lines of Business

Heads of Sales, Account and Relationship Management

Heads of Change Management

Chief Technology Officers

Our Value

This magazine and community helps these executives and their teams gain and share knowledge on the strategies, tools, and techniques being used by best in class leaders in marketing, technology and enterprise collaboration.

Inherently, we strive to help satiate the voracious learner who pro-actively seeks to upskill their knowledge base and uncover new ways to better connect with customers, using best in class marketing, collaboration and technology.