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About Us is a digital magazine and professional community that shares innovative ideas and best practices for growing and scaling knowledge-intensive companies and organizations.

Our core audience is the senior management of these organizations and their direct reports who are responsible for selecting and leading revenue growth strategies and business transformation efforts that:

  • design and enhance customer value and experience,
  • streamline supply chain/operations;
  • drive innovation;
  • leverage technology and business intelligence for information capital;
  • optimize and engage  human capital.

Over the last twenty five years, knowledge-based companies have been driving much of the growth in the economy in the U.S. and overseas. These organizations include software &  information technology, health care and bioTech, financial services, marketing/media, and professional services. These companies are at the vortex of growth and in the business of creating, curating and commercializing knowledge. Intellectual property is an outgrowth of their efforts and staying at the forefront of their respective industry’s growth curve is paramount to survival, brand equity, and driving shareholder value.

Underpinning this magazine’s focus on knowledge-based industries is a spotlight upon the new breed of emerging knowledge workers who are contributing their individual skills and collective creative, analytical, and conceptual powers to better anticipate and get closer to customers, generate new ideas, commercialize them, and expand global horizons.

Our core topics are:

  • Knowledge Management & Collaboration
  • Social Business
  • Customer Experience & Customer Value Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Human Capital
  • Change Management